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Oct 31 2014

Scary in Mineral King

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Today is Halloween, and it is scary in Mineral King. This is how it looked on Sunday, October 26. This is a screen shot from the Mineral King Webcam.   It is called the Mosquito Fire, a “controlled burn”.  This is a prescribed burn, deliberately set between Mosquito Creek and Avalanche Creek. (Never heard of [...]

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Oct 24 2014

Seeking Inspiration in Mineral King

As a studio painter, I rely on my camera and memory. I’m continually seeking the best light, the most advantageous angle, the brightest colors, the most details and anything else that can be recorded. What is inspiration? Something that motivates me to take photos, to paint, to draw. It was another beautiful day in Mineral [...]

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Oct 17 2014

Looking For Red Leaves in Mineral King

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No red leaves at the Honeymoon Cabin. No red leaves here either. Let’s go hiking and see if there are any red leaves further up the valley. Yellow tunnel ahead – no red leaves there. Entering the yellow tunnel – maybe there will be red leaves on the other side. Yeppers, just above Soda Springs! [...]

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Oct 10 2014

Feels Like Summer, Looks Like Fall in Mineral King

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Last weekend the fall colors were beginning to show in Mineral King. Weird, because it sure still felt like summer. Rather than blather on about the endless heat, I’ll just shut my yap and share some photos. See that reddish tree? I wonder if it the same one I spent a weekend chasing back in [...]

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Oct 03 2014

Married in Mineral King

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Yep, we were. 28 years ago tomorrow. Hey Trail Guy, thanks for 28 years of supporting my relentless pursuit of art as a way of life. (No, I’m not putting personal messages on the World Wide Web.)

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Sep 29 2014

Fall Shows Ahead

Last year I couldn’t do any shows in the fall because I spent the entire year drawing for The Cabins of Wilsonia (WHEN WILL IT BE HERE???) This year I am painting again, because paintings sell best at shows. Truthfully, cards, tee shirts, and calendars sell best, but if one is an artist, one needs pure art [...]

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Sep 26 2014

Early Signs of Fall in Mineral King

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  The color and the light and the feel of the air changes in September. It is still green, but not quite as. The deer get weird. The squirrels get busy. This is a chicaree messing around with a red fir cone. They drop them like bombs in the early morning on the roofs of [...]

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Sep 19 2014

New Mineral King Painting

Published by under Mineral King,Oil Paintings

It is still summer in Three Rivers, which means it is still nice in Mineral King. But, I have too much work to do, both in the studio and at home to be hanging out every weekend. Summer eventually catches up with me in the form of messes everywhere, incomplete stuff, unfinished business. I am [...]

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Sep 08 2014

What’s Happening Now in the Work Life of This Artist

Today’s posting is a list of information about what is happening now in my life as a Central California artist. 1. I have another blog –  www.thecabinsofwilsonia.com where I post about the upcoming book The Cabins of Wilsonia.  “Upcoming” as in should be here in several weeks. “Several weeks” as in I don’t really know for sure [...]

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Sep 05 2014

Sit, Knit and Split in Mineral King

Published by under Mineral King,Thoughts

When I didn’t have a cabin in Mineral King, I said I’d kill for one. My new boyfriend said, “There is an easier way.” That was about 30 years ago. I learned that there are multiple parts to cabin life. There’s the social aspect, the having 2 homes challenge, the trails, and just hanging around. [...]

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