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Jul 22 2014

You are Invited To My Other Blog

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Hi. Thanks for stopping by my regular blog. Today I am posting at The Cabins of Wilsonia blog. Tomorrow and Wednesday too. You are invited to see what is happening with the upcoming book at that site. Thanks for stopping by – come back on Friday for Mineral King photos and a little commentary.

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Jul 18 2014

Is Mineral King the Most Beautiful Place in Tulare County?

Mineral King is probably the most beautiful place in Tulare County that is accessible by car. “One of the most” is probably more accurate that “the most”. Make up your own mind. Of course, I’m only going to show you my side of the story! Trail Guy takes this photo every summer, several times. Each [...]

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Jul 11 2014

A Walk in Mineral King

Last week we took a wildflower walk in Mineral King. This week we continue up the trail. It was just a walk – no pack, no water, no food. It was hot out in the sun chasing down those wildflowers, so I was looking forward to stopping by the Ranger Station for a drink of [...]

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Jul 03 2014

A Wildflower Walk in Mineral King

Happy Independence Day Eve! Normally I post about Mineral King on Fridays, but this week I will be silent on Friday because you will be busy and so will I. So, you get to read about Mineral King on Thursday. Hope you are feeling flexible. Trail Guy and I took a break from our labors [...]

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Jun 27 2014

Hanging Around the Cabin in Mineral King

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I was lucky, smart or blessed enough to marry into a cabin in Mineral King, the most beautiful and peaceful place in Sequoia National Park. One would think this would mean spending every possible hour out on a trail. One would be wrong. Sometimes cabin time means catching up on things that just fall through [...]

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Jun 20 2014

Trail Guy in Mineral King

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About half of today’s Mineral King photos are by Trail Guy, AKA Michael Botkin AKA The Husband of The Artist (who has been too busy painting a mural in Exeter to take time off to go to Mineral King as often as they’d prefer.) A stellar jay and 2 mountain quail Stay back there and [...]

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Jun 13 2014

Trail Guy In (Mineral King on) Friday

Published by under Mineral King,Photography

These photos are all by Trail Guy. He was in Mineral King while I was down the hill painting. That’s because he is retired. Don’t feel sorry for me – I love what I do! And he keeps me current on Mineral King until I can get back up there. This is in White Chief [...]

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Jun 06 2014

More Mineral King Because It Is Friday

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Have a look at a few more photos from opening weekend in Mineral King. Maybe I should learn to use Photoshop and fix that weird thing in the sky. (It is actually in the camera, not the sky.) I did know how to use Photoshop Elements (had to learn for the book, The Cabins of Wilsonia) [...]

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May 30 2014

Mineral King Opening Weekend (Or 10SNE1?)

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It’s official. Mineral King, in the Southern end of Sequoia National Park, is open for the season. There is snow, and there is water flowing! See? snow on Farewell Gap! See? water flowing down the East Fork of the Kaweah River! Ummmm, tennis, anyone?

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May 23 2014

Opening Weekend in Mineral King

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It has been a very light winter. The biggest snow may have been in April, when the daylight hours had lengthened and the ground was warm so the snow didn’t last. There was also snow in May, when the conditions are even worse for storing the white stuff for later use in the hot dry [...]

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